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Having a wide experience in projects in the field of modernization, varying in depth, scope of work and complexity of machines, we offer:

Current replacement of the CNC control system and drives with modern equipment:

  • It allows to maintain and improve the overall technological level of equipment operated at enterprises.

Machine restoration:

  • Replacing or repairing critical machine assemblies, upgrading the control system.

Complete overhaul of the machine:

  • Overhauling the machine up to its original technical characteristics and tolerances specified in the original drawings. Comprehensive upgrading of the control system using CNC, programmable controllers and drives.

With all upgrading options, we strive to fit the equipment with new functionality and ensure a higher level of the machine operation quality.

The use of our upgrading developments in accordance with the needs and wishes of the customer will make effective changes to the technology of production and will allow:

  • to expand the technological capabilities of the equipment; 
  • increase performance; 
  • increase machining accuracy; 
  • obtain new opportunities in the maintenance and diagnostics of the machine; 
  • increase the amount of memory for program development; 
  • possibility of the network operation of the machine for transmitting control programs, collecting data on the operation of equipment, quick diagnostics.
Possible Modifications of CNC Machines:
Numerical control unit:
  • Fanuc, Siemens, NC, Fagor, etc.
Controlled electric drives:
  • OMRON-Yaskawa, Japan
  • КЕВA, Germany
  • Lenze, Germany
  • Siemens, Germany
  • Control Technics, England
  • OMRON-Yaskawa, Japan, Mitsubishi Electric

The level of upgrading depends on many circumstances, for example:

  • General condition of the machine, mechanics, hydraulics, electrical equipment.
  • Engineering analysis:
    • How is it planned to use the capacities of the upgraded equipment?
    • What is the class of the parts?
    • What is the machining precision level?
  • Maximum possible time for the with draw all of the equipment from production.
  • Intent of the management to introduce modern production methods together with the upgraded machines to the workshop.
  • Specific requirements of the customers.
  • Availability of the technical documentation for the equipment.
  • Psychological significance for the operational personnel.
  • The volume of the financial investments in the modernization.
  • Having estimated all aspects, we offer the customer the optimal modernization solution.

Modernization includes:

  • The CNC replacement ( NC 201, NC 210, Sinumerik 820C, Sinumerik 802 D, Fagor, etc.);
  • Installation of feed drives in accordance with the X and Z coordinates provided byKEBA, Siemens, OMRON, etc. (upon the request of the customer);
  • Installation of the main motion drives made by КЕВA, Siemens, OMRON (upon the request of the customer);
  • Overhaul of the machine with bringing the accuracy characteristics up to the name plate data of the manufacturer, warranty service of the machine for 6-12 months. Possible post-warranty service under a separate contract.