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Welding production equipment and auxiliaries

Services for current, medium and major repairs of machines:

  • Evaluation of equipment technical condition and troubleshooting.
  • Installation, dismantling and commissioning of equipment.
  • Repair (assembly units only) and maintenance on customer’s premises.
  • Repair on the premises of the contractor with equipment removal.
  • Assembly and current repairs.
  • Major repairs.
  • Installation of digital indicators and linear encoders.

During the overhaul, we, as a rule, carry out the following types of repair work:

  • Machine bed repair:
    • Machine bed guide wear measurement;
    • Grinding of the guides at the specialized grinding machine (Heckert);
  • Repair of the gear box and spindle group:
    • Bearing replacement, including spindle bearings;
    • Replacement of rejected parts;
    • Regrinding of the spindle head.
  • Feed box repair:
    • Bearing replacement;
    • Replacement of rejected parts.
  • Repair of the support group, carriage and apron:
    • Bearing replacement;
    • Replacement of rejected parts;
    • Grinding and scraping of carriage guides, support group;
    • Fitting of wedges and clamping bars;
    • Restoration or replacement of screws with nuts (ball screws – for CNC machines);
    • Restoration or replacement of the tool holder.
  • Tail stock repair:
    • Grinding and scraping of the guides of the tail stock surface plate along the bed, as well as of the body along the plate;
    • Boring holes for repair-size moving sleeve and replacing it with the new one, with honed finishing;
    • Restoration and replacement of the screw with a nut.
  • Repair of the feed shaft, starter shaft:
    • Restoration of the shaft or replacement with the new ones.
  • Repair of the machine hydraulic system.
  • Repair of the lubrication system.
  • Repair of the cutting fluid supply system.
  • Replacement of the machine umbilical cords.
  • Electrical equipment repair:
    • Repair of the electrical cabinet, locks, etc.;
    • Full replacement of the machine electrics and control gear;
    • Replacement and adjustment of the machine sensors and limit switches;
    • Replacement of electrical assemblies and electric lines;
    • Repair or replacement of electric motors.

Specialized tools, materials and accessories are used for installation. This leads to a significant saving of work time, increased utilization of the usable space of the electrical cabinet. This increases the quality and reliability of installation, as well as the appearance of control stations.

  • At the request of the Customer, the installation of linear and angular movement encoders, installation of the digital readout units, completion of the electrical circuit.
  • Part painting and general painting.
  • Machine assembly.
  • Debugging and checking for the compliance with the precision standards.
  • Operational safety tests.
  • Trial machining.
  • Preservation.