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Industrial equipment

On the basis of the long-term experience in the creation of household equipment and introduction of advanced technologies, ATLANT Inc. has developed multilane production of industrial machinery.

First of all, the production of highly efficient сompressors was organized. These completing articles for refrigerator and freezer manufacturing became popular within the short time with the producers of household refrigeration equipment, since they are the most reliable and effective among those produced in CIS.

Power safety of the compressors made by ATLANT Inc. is confirmed by the certificate of the German Testing Center VDE. The model line of compressors based on ozone-friendly coolants is constantly expanding and engineering level of the products increases. When developing new model, particular attention is paid to lower noise and power consumption.

ATLANT Inc. also manufactures different Equipment for Plastics Processing (Injection Moulding Machines, Сrushers, Manipulators). Designing and fabrication of rigging (molds), auxiliary equipment and supply of injection moulding machines are offered to potential customers by the group.

Successful application of Transportation, Storing and Assembly Systems developed and fabricated at the group in the manufacturing process initiated the output of functional modules, roller conveyors and lifters at ATLANT Inc. ATLANT offers Complex Solutions in the Development of Transportation, Storing and Assembly Systems in any industry.

In its shops ATLANT Inc. produces specialized engineering equipment and has organized tool-making too. Broad opportunities of tool-making are ensured by high level of designing procedure (Machining Attachments, Tools) and equipment with high-precision manufacturing systems.

Up-to-date high accuracy equipment as well as application of latest technologies allow ATLANT Inc. fabricating Air Ducts and Shaped Parts of Ventilation Systems of any complexity within the sort term according to the customer's requirements.