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Company service center

Accepting requests:
Mo-Fr — 08:00 to 17:00
Sa-Su — 08:00 to 15:00
On-site visit for repair:
Mo-Fr — 09:00 to 20:00
Sa-Su — 08:00 to 15:00

Simple repair

16,80 rub
Adjustment works
19,20 rub
Door seal replacement
to 30,27 rub
Handle replacement
20,21-26,77 rub
AWM hose replacement
22,91-23,87 rub

Medium-level repair

Door reinstallation
32,40 rub
Thermostat replacement
to 42,58 rub
Start-protection switch
to 42,07 rub
AWM belt replacement
38,27 rub
AWM heater replacement
44,09 rub

Complex repair

Compressor replacement
158 rub
Evaporator replacement
131,65 rub
Capacitor replacement
95,10 rub
Leakage elimination (along the heating circuit and in the outer joints)
80,40 rub
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Company service means

Why ATLANT company service?

Lowest prices
Household appliance repair performed by professionals
Possible visit on the day of submitting a request
Manufacturer’s warranty
Replacement stock for the repair period
Quality certificates


All repair works performed by the service center specialists are provided with a warranty in accordance with the requirements of the State Standards of the Republic of Belarus for the repaired products.

Sale of components

A wide range of original components for household appliances of ATLANT Inc. can be purchasedupon request at our company center.

Expert advice

Contact the service center to get competent answers to questions arising during the operation of household appliances, to learn about the functional features, technical characteristics and proper use of products.

We will paint the refrigerator
in any color you like

The coloring service will help you to customize your ATLANT refrigerator to create an individual style for your kitchen or to save money when purchasing a new refrigerator.

We will take out the
equipment for repair

If a refrigerator, freezer or washing machine needs to be repaired in a stationary workshop, you will not have to experience inconveniences, as our employees will deliver your product to the service center and provide a replacement product for the duration of the repair (free of charge for individual persons).

Disposal of
household appliances

The service center collects unserviceable household appliances manufactured by ATLANT Inc. for subsequent recycling. The service for individuals is free and without payments for the equipment.