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Karina Gavrilkina — Software Engineer
«When I tell my friends that I work AT a factory, I immediately receive a feedback piece filled with stereotypes.»

My story connected with ATLANT Inc. dates back to November 2018. I am 22 years old, graduate of one of the leading universities in the country, I have a diploma with the cherished note «software engineer» and the absence of «1 to 3 years of work experience» that is desirable for applicants in the labor market.

To be honest, I, probably, like many young people who were not born in the USSR, lived with stereotypes about everything Belarusian, considered it outdated, unfashionable and unworthy of my attention. Such stereotypes concerned almost all spheres of life.

And now I work at the Belarusian state enterprise.

During the first month of work at a Belarusian enterprise, all the stereotypes that I hadwere instantly dispelled. I am really pleased that the policy of the enterprise, the strategy of behavior in the markets can be safely called progressive and up-to-date.

I never had to face a situation where, when I had problems due to my lack of experience, no one came to my aid.

Due to the specifics of the work, I constantly have to interact with other departments and offices. From experience we can safely conclude that each employee of ATLANT Inc. is directly connected to each other. We are all doing one big thing; we try to make a quality product for consumers.

And it seems to me that we all are doing quite well.

Work in ATLANT means

Clear advantages

Friendly young team
Fair assessment of the employee and his or her income
Convenient location in the center of Minsk
Excellent working conditions and stable wages
Official employment and full benefits package
Friendly young team

We are looking for talents,
and now we want you!

We invite active, forward-looking people, accomplished specialists, professionals in their field, and those who are just choosing the path they will take, for cooperation.

Good start.

A unique opportunity to gain experience in the leading company of Belarus. A program aimed at young and ambitious people.

We do everything together

Please check the availability of vacancies by calling the Human Resources Department.
Minsk Refrigerators Plant
61 Pobeditelei Ave., Minsk

Household Appliances Plant
24 Selitskogo Str., Minsk

Baranovichi Machine-tool Plant
50 Nakonechnikova Str., Baranovichi