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Refrigerators restyled

Series «PREMIUM»


A series of washing experts to achieve perfect quality

Chest freezers by ATLANT

Efficient and practical food storage solution

Fast, economical or spacious?

How to choose the perfect washing machine

Aesthetics is a feature of ATLANT

New line of machinery of talent

Where to buy ATLANT

Stores and online stores

Product support

Instructions, advice, service

Premium refrigerator series

The updated PREMIUM refrigerator series embodies style and excellence in innovation

Perfect ADVANCE Series Refrigerators

The ADVANCE series combines quality, style and an innovative approach to food storage

Forget about defrosting with Full NO FROST

With Full NO FROST, moisture does not linger in the compartments and does not form frost on the products and inside the refrigerator

Effective wash with SMART ACTION

The washing machine determines the amount of soiled laundry, pours the required amount of water for washing and adjusts the washing time

Discover the features of ATLANT

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