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Procurement schedule for open request for bids

25 February 2024

N Material Date
1 RTI (door seal, couplings, pipes) January
2 RTI (hoses, O-rings, breather tube) January
3 Sealing paste PGH P-2 January
4 Hydrochloric acid January
5 Zeolite sorbent January
6 Fans for ХК 44/45 ND/N January
7 Axial fans for XT January
8 Sensor-relay, electric lock January
9 Capacitors January
10 Loading hoses January
11 Drain hoses January
12 Two-component polyurethane adhesive January
13 Glass-filled polybutylene terephthalate January
14 PPU January
15 Chipboard January
16 Damper January
17 Printed products January
18 Glass doors January
19 Heat shrink tubes January
20 Shock absorber February
21 Packages February
22 Polypropylene January
23 Electronic control unit TYV03C January
24 Pneumatic and electric tools January
25 Introduction of a technological complex based on a vacuum forming line with a laser cutting module for the production of an internal refrigerator cabinet January
26 Introduction of a vacuum forming line for the production of interior panels for refrigerator doors January
27 Purchase of induction soldering installation January
28 Services for metrological assessment (state verification, calibration and certification) of measuring instruments and testing equipment in 2024 January
29 Steel blanks January
30 Die parts January
31 Flux Barrier 100, Granos 100 January
32 Selection gaskets, Cylinder head gasket, Discharge gasket January - March
33 Switching block January - March
34 Compressor parts (liner) January - March
35 Magnet January - March
36 Fluorspar February
37 Tape 0.8 x 72 mm L90StL90 Tompak-Stal-Tompak P-O TU 1881-004-55680513-2004 February
38 Tachogenerator DSM February
39 Evaporator EE26-732 for refrigeration machine GEA GLW 2702 AC and evaporator EE34-672 for refrigeration machine GLWC 3202 BA2 February
40 Helium gas (compressed) grade “B” February
41 Electrovalves February
42 Pressed forks February
43 Cold rolled metal grades 08YU, 08PS, 2PS; hot rolled grades DD11, DD13; galvanized grade 03; dynamic electrical isotropic grades M450-50K, M450-50E (analog), M800-50A, February
44 Hot melt adhesive February
45 Forklifts with a cabin with a lifting capacity of 2 tons - 2 pcs. February
46 Ferromanganese FMn 78 GOST 4755-91 or FMn78C1OR30-6 GOST 4755-91 February-March
47 RTI (support, bushings, plugs, cushion) March
48 Hoses with aquastop March
49 RTI (tank seal, sensor tube) March
50 Display blocks March
51 Lubricant for the sealing lip March
52 Cleaning services for the interior of the canteen complex of ATLANT CJSC at the expense of ATLANT CJSC’s own funds March
53 Filling head VR12/18ULP-2KVVG-80-I March
54 Components for modernization of a stacker crane March
55 Components for modernization of the MKAU242.07.0202 line March
56 Detergent SOFAL-35, Ecos-D; Phosphating concentrate: Phosphotech-9, Phosphotech F7; Activating composition AF-M1, AF-M-2 March - April
57 Hydraulic oil: HLP-46, HLP-32, Slide Way 58 March - April
58 Protective profile April
59 Polystyrenes April
60 Plastics April
61 Temperature regulators April
62 Tapes, gaskets April
63 Dyes April
64 Copper capillary pipes April
65 Brass tapes and brass wire April
66 Clamps April
67 Combined road machine with watering and sand-spreading equipment April
68 Cutting fluid (coolant): VITTOL-355 or Cimvantage 46FF April - May
69 Lubricant for the sealing lip May
70 AMTSN2 plate cards May
71 Springs, clamps, holders May
72 Electric forklifts with a lifting capacity of 2 tons - 2 pcs. May
73 Components for conveyor equipment May
74 Bearing CH May
75 Dye black June
76 Copper pipes June
77 KFA foil cardboard June
78 Stainless steel June
79 Electric forklifts with a lifting capacity of 2 tons with side grips - 2 pcs. June
80 Services for the provision of personnel to perform cleaning work in production and office premises June
81 Lot 1: Liquid oxygen technical GOST 6331-78 Lot 2: Liquid nitrogen technical GOST 9293-74 July
82 Stationary ultrasound diagnostic device July
83 Belts for SMA September
84 Bearings for SMA September
85 Electric pumps September
86 Powdered bentonite molding clay P1T1, P1T1KA or P1T1N GOST 28177-89 September - October
87 Dextrin GOST 6034-74 or white starch TU BY 190239501.755-2008 or technical extrusion reagent “Starch” (EKR) TU BY 101246266.030-2005 or peeled rye flour extrudate TU BY 101230901.003-2006 September October
88 Temperature sensors for CC November
89 Предохранитель November
90 Blocks and clamps for electrical wiring November
91 Liquid nitrogen GOST 9293-74 November
92 Argon liquid TU BY 4909857.001-2017 November
93 Liquid oxygen GOST 6331-78 November
94 Liquid carbon dioxide GOST 8050-85 November
95 Gaseous helium grade A TU 0271-135-31323949-2005 November
96 Contact-detail KMK PA09mMN TU3498-008-73030523-2006 November - December
97 Ribbon BMR SOK12.5 TU3498-007-73030523-2006 November - December
98 Fans for M-7606-N, ХМ46ND/NL December
99 Thermistors December
100 Screws, Hardware - Fasteners Screws, Hardware - Fasteners
101 Stretch film December
102 Polyoxymitile December
103 Polypropylenes December
104 Services for metrological assessment (state verification, calibration and certification) of measuring instruments and testing equipment in 2025 December
105 Steel welding wire 1.2 Sv-08G2S-O GOST 2246-70 December
106 Cold-rolled steel wire (spring) B-2-P-d GOST 9389-75 December