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Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant

The creation of refrigerators and washing machines that correspond to household appliances of the highest level was made possible thanks to the production of high-performance compressors and electric motors organized by the company. Their use can significantly reduce energy consumption.

The company has developed models of compressors for refrigerators on the environmentally friendly isobutane refrigerant widely used throughout the world. A considerable part of ATLANT compressors is exported.

ATLANT Inc. also manufactures equipment for plastics processing (injection molding machines, drying units, loading and dosing devices), conveyor equipment (chain and roller conveyors, elevators for transport and storage and assembly systems), transport systems for pipe production.

The success of the company is closely related to the high level of production organization. The three-dimensional computer-aided product design has been introduced at the plants of ATLANT Inc., the simulation is used when testing new product samples, new rapid simulation technologies are applied. All this allows to keep the quality of development at a high level, significantly reduce the time for development and production preparation, improve consumer properties of products and develop new directions in the production of household electric appliances.

ATLANT manufactures different types of equipment for the production of refrigerators and freezers - dies, injection molds, molds, molds for products from expanded polystyrene and polyurethane foam, vacuum molds. Production facilities and many years of design experience allow us to produce high-quality tooling for any production.

To increase the production efficiency and improve it, the company develops and manufactures transportation and storage systems, automated warehouses and storage, automatic lines for the manufacture of sheet metal parts by forming.

The new equipment of the foundry of ATLANT Inc. provides the highest quality of casting using the most modern technology, covers all of its own production needs and allows selling foundry products.

The technical capacities of our company allow us to quickly and efficiently manufacture air ducts and accessories for ventilation systems, both for our plants and for other enterprises.