Modern design

The softness of the lines, rounded shapes and contrasting design elements were embodied in the laconic design solution of the 10th series of Smart Action washing machines to not only make the washing process pleasant for you, but also to create a special cosiness in your home.

Water leakage protection

If the water inlet hose is damaged, the Aqua-Protect system detects water leakage and the water supply to the washing machine is cut, washing stops

High energy efficiency class

SMART ACTION washing machines with energy efficiency class A+++ consume 33–35% less energy than class A machines. High technical characteristics are confirmed by laboratory tests in the Test Center of ATLANT, certified and accredited by the State Standard of the Republic of Belarus.

Imbalance control

The machines of the Smart Action series are equipped with the advanced Smart Balance Control imbalance control system, which eliminates vibrations, reduces noise and extends the life of the washing machine.

5 year motor warranty

For complete quality control, ATLANT Inc. electric motors are produced independently under a license from a German company, carefully controlling their quality and compliance with the declared parameters.